Newly Diagnosed

You’ve just heard the words breast cancer, followed by many other words you’ve probably never heard before. What do they all mean? And how do you navigate this diagnosis? Let us help you make some sense of it. Below is some information and resources to help you better understand your diagnosis.

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Breast Cancer Basics

Breast Cancer 101What is breast cancer? What are the risk factors and statistics? Learn more here.

Types of Breast CancerThere are many different types of breast cancer. Here’s some information about different types.

Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis Everyone’s breast cancer diagnosis is different. Learn more about your pathology report and what it all means.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at DiagnosisYou likely have lots of questions running through your head. Here’s a list of some you may want to ask your doctor.

Genetics and Breast CancerUnsure what you need to know about your genetics and risks? Here is some information.

Male Breast CancerBreast cancer in men is rare. However, 1% of males will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Here’s some helpful information. 

Preparing for Treatment

Treatment OptionsThere are many different types of treatment for breast cancer. Here is some information about options you may discuss with your medical team.

Questions to Ask your Doctor about Treatment OptionsHere are some questions to ask your doctor as you discuss treatment options for your cancer.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about ChemotherapyHere are some questions you can ask your doctor about chemotherapy so that you feel more informed.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about RadiationHere are some questions to ask to make sure you fully understand radiation treatment and what to expect.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about ReconstructionMost breast cancer patients who have surgery also wonder about reconstruction. Here are questions to ask.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Hormonal Therapy –  Hormonal therapy is often used to treat breast cancer. Here are questions to ask your doctor.

Surgery ChecklistPreparing for surgery – and for afterwards – can be overwhelming. Here are some items you may want to have on hand for before & after your surgery.

Family Issues

Talking to Friends & Family About your Breast CancerBreaking the news to those who love you can be hard. Here are some tips for sharing your diagnosis.

Fertility Decisions Before TreatmentBeing able to get pregnant is often a concern for young women with a breast cancer diagnosis. You can learn about options here.

Financial Issues

Breast Cancer and Your JobHow do I tell my boss I have breast cancer? Do I need to take time off for treatment? Here is some help answering questions like these.

Managing the Costs of a Cancer Diagnosis A breast cancer diagnosis is expensive, even if you have health insurance. Here are some tips for managing the costs.

Organizing your Medical RecordsA breast cancer diagnosis creates A LOT of paperwork. Staying organized is essential! Here are some suggestions to help you do that.

Emotional Issues

Managing your FearsFeelings of stress, anxiety, and depression are common after a cancer diagnosis. Here are some suggestions on how to deal with those fears.

Body Image and Loss ConcernsA breast cancer diagnosis can create fears about what your body will look like and you will you feel about it. This information can help.

Keeping a Journal – It Can Help!Many people find writing their thoughts and feelings down in a journal helps them cope. Here are tips to get started.

Get Matched with Someone Who Understands –  Forge has trained volunteers who have been exactly where you are. Let us match you with someone who understands.

Finding a Support GroupSupport Groups can be a great way to connect with others who are on this journey, too. Here’s a list. Find one that’s right for you.

How Can Forge Support You Through Your Diagnosis? – We have lots of ways to help you, your loved ones, and your caregivers. This link will tell you how.

Spiritual and Cultural Issues

Spirituality and ReligionPeople who have been faced with cancer often have questions and concerns of a spiritual nature. Here are ways to incorporate your spirituality.

Connecting with Healthcare ChaplainsChaplains are available to provide counseling and support to patients and family members throughout your illness. 

A Resource for Prayers –  This website gathers great prayers written by spiritual visionaries in an online database representing all life affirming traditions.


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