Questions to Ask your Doctor about Hormonal Therapy

Many women take medicines for about 5 years to help keep the cancer from coming back (although this time frame may change in the future). The medicines are used if the breast cancer cells were “estrogen hormone receptor positive.” Here are some questions to ask your doctor as you consider hormonal therapy.

But first one very important tip: If possible, please bring someone with you to your appointment. You will be hearing a lot of new information. A second set of ears and someone to take notes will be very helpful. If you don’t have someone to go with you, please contact Forge’s Client Services Coordinator, Janet Dees, at (205) 990-5367 or [email protected]. She may be able to match you with a peer mentor who has had breast cancer, too, and can go with you to your appointment.


  1. How does hormone therapy treat breast cancer?
  2. Do I need hormone therapy? If so, why?
  3. When will the hormone therapy be started? How long will I take it?
  4. How do I take it? How often?
  5. What are the possible side effects of hormone therapy? How long will they last? Which ones should I report to you?
  6. What are the risks if I stop taking the hormone therapy?
  7. Will insurance pay for hormone therapy? If not, do you know if any assistance to help cover the costs?
  8. Is there a generic form of this hormone treatment? Is it as effective as the name-brand?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Forge’s Client Services Coordinator, Janet Dees, at (205)990-5367 or [email protected].

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