My Cancer Journey in Questions


In this post, breast cancer survivor and Forge contributor Kelly Klehm shares her breast cancer journey through the questions she asked herself along the way.

Is this really a lump? 

Do I need to contact my doctor?

At what point in the checkup-testing-diagnosing process should I tell close friends and family?

When do I tell other people? 

Who do I need to tell?

How do I tell people I have cancer?

How do I know if I should get a second opinion? 

What questions do I need to ask?

How long has this been growing inside me?

Am I going to die?

What’s a support group like?

Should I participate in a clinical trial?

Should I ask my partner to come to appointments with me or is that too needy?

How do I keep doing life?

Do I opt for a single or double mastectomy?

How much am I supposed to question the doctors?

Does it look like I have cancer?

How should I deal with losing hair during chemotherapy?

How do I wear a headscarf and still try to be cute?

Should I take any advice from these Facebook groups?

Earring… how big is too big?

Should I ask to ring the chemo bell?

What do I do after a mastectomy? 

When is the right time to schedule a mastectomy?

What’s right: reconstruction or flat?

How much research and reading is enough? 

How much research is too much?