Wings of Hope



Wings of Hope is just one of many events and services available for cancer survivors.

Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center is a relatively new entity, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people might not know about the wide array of services we offer. That’s why we feel it’s vital to reach out into the community–not only with events that we host but events we sponsor, too.

Last March, Forge hosted the 2nd Annual Wings of Hope Cancer Support Expo with Capstone Rural Health at the Jasper Civic Center. It featured speakers, activities and local resources designed to help patients, survivors and co-survivors cope with cancer.

The event opened with a keynote address by ABC 33/40 news anchor and 2-time cancer survivor, Brenda Ladun. She realizes that there is much more than just the medical aspects when confronted with cancer. “Dealing with cancer is not just about getting your treatments, people need counseling and support and Forge is fantastic,” she said. “They bring people to educate, to show that there is hope beyond this disease.”

The event also included a panel discussion of local experts, a talk on breast cancer prevention and early diagnosis by Dr. Michael Garcia, and presentations by local community resource providers. The day concluded with laughter through a stand-up routine by comedienne and survivor Carla “The Truth” Youngblood. In case you missed it, here’s a brief recap video.

Reaching Out With Help and Hope

We love to host events like this because they give us an opportunity to reach deeper into the community and increase awareness of the services we offer. But even more important than awareness, events give us an opportunity for meaningful contact with patients, survivors, and supporters who can benefit from the services Wings of Hope and Forge provide.

So while we encourage you to visit our website and see the services we offer, make sure you take a look at our events page and come join us! They include everything from monthly support groups to gardening classes to wellness and exercise.

Whether you are recently diagnosed, a survivor, co-survivor, or a healthcare professional, Forge is here for you from the day of diagnosis through the balance of your life.


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