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The Greatest Gift

What do you give when you are part of the Forge Breast Cancer Volunteer Program? Your love. Your compassion. A helping hand. A listening ear. You can't put a bow on those things, but they are powerful gifts. When you volunteer with Forge, you can give the greatest gift: yourself. As a Forge Volunteer, you can serve in more than one capacity. Please review our volunteer roles to see what ways that you can serve breast cancer survivors* and co-survivors**

*A Survivor is defined as any man or woman that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please note that not all survivors like to be called survivors; some choose other language to talk about their journey.
**A Co-survivor is defined as anyone who walks alongside a survivor on their journey.

Why do our volunteers serve with us?

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In addition to training and educational events, we also host volunteer appreciation events and socials to honor them.

Forge Volunteer Roles


As an Advocate, you serve as a guide for breast cancer survivors and their co-survivors by providing information, support, encouragement, and assistance to...

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Peer Mentor

As a Peer Mentor, you serve as a trained and compassionate mentor who has been there before. Peer mentors provide patient-centered psychological and...

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Community Outreach Volunteer

As a Community Outreach Volunteer, you are a trained, people-oriented and compassionate volunteer who will attend community events, health fairs and promotional events serving as...

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Forge Volunteer Training

All Forge Volunteers are required to participate in eight hours of Volunteer Training. Training is offered throughout the year and is held over the course of two days. Contact Forge for upcoming dates: volunteer@forgeon.org.

Forge Volunteer Training Sessions Include:

  • Forge Mission, Visions, and Roles
  • Forge Communication and Documentation Guidelines
  • Practical Support for Survivors
  • Psychosocial & Spiritual Support for Survivors
  • Caring for Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Financial Impact of Breast Cancer
  • Effective Communication and Listening Techniques

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