Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Clinical Trials


Clinical trials are an important step in n discovering new treatments for breast cancer and other diseases as well as new ways to detect, diagnose, and reduce the risk of disease. But the uncertainty of not knowing how a clinical trial will turn out can make it hard to decide whether you want to participate. Here are some questions to ask as you determine if a clinical trial is right for you.

But first one very important tip: If possible, please bring someone with you to your appointment. You likely will be hearing a lot of new information. A second set of ears and someone to take notes will be very helpful. If you don’t have someone to go with you, please contact Forge’s Client Services Coordinator, Janet Dees, at (205) 990-5367 or [email protected]. She may be able to match you with a peer match who has metastatic breast cancer, too, and can go with you to your appointment.


  • What are the types of clinical trials?
  • How can I learn more about breast cancer prevention trials?
  • What is informed consent?
  • What else do I need to know about before I enroll in a clinical trial?
  • Is there a clinical trial that you would suggest for me? If so, why and how long is the trial?
  • How can I find out more about this trial?
  • Where would I need to go to be part of the trial?
  • What are the pros and cons of this trial?
  • What is a placebo? Will I get a placebo?
  • What is the cost of this trial? Does insurance cover clinical trials? If not, is there financial assistance available?
  • Who can help me find a trial that is right for me?

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Forge’s Client Services Coordinator, Janet Dees, at (205) 990-5367 or [email protected]. Si hablas español y quieres más información, por favor contacta a Yadira Robayna, al (205) 990-5375 O al [email protected].