Meet Kaylee Cowart – Yoga Instructor


We’re pleased to introduce Kaylee Cowart as a new yoga instructor with Forge. Kaylee is leading our bi-monthly gentle yoga! Get to know Kaylee and make plans to join us on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:00 pm!

Tell us about yourself!

I’ve been teaching vinyasa and yin yoga since 2017. I’ve taught different types of groups from senior citizens to rock climbers!

What sparked your interest in yoga and mindfulness?

I was introduced to yoga practice at a very young age by my dad and continued the practice on and off for years. My practice got much more in-depth near the end of high school, and after graduating, it helped me to really balance my stress and mental health struggles into college (and still does). It helps me to take a step back and tune into my body.

How do you think a mindfulness practice can help cancer survivors and their loved ones to thrive after a recent or past diagnosis?

Gentle yoga practice is known to help ease physical symptoms of cancer and cancer treatments, as well as many mental health benefits. “Several studies have demonstrated that yoga can combat fatigue and improve strength and range of motion for patients undergoing cancer treatment,” according to the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, California. There are a lot of great studies about yoga as a form of treatment and therapy for a range of conditions!

What can individuals expect when they come to your yoga class?

I want to create an accessible and comfortable practice for everyone. My classes often touch on the basics of asana and hold poses for longer periods of time, for longer breaths, so you can really ease into the postures. Most of my yin classes are floor-based to give an opportunity to relax deeper, and I’m always able to modify poses or change the flow based on the needs of others.