Always Waiting


Always Waiting

From the beginning of this cancer journey, one thing has been constant- waiting. 

Waiting for Information
16 days for an initial mammogram appointment after finding a lump- it felt like forever
For more tests after the mammogram
For a biopsy
For results from the biopsy
For another biopsy
For meeting with the treatment team and explanation of diagnosis
For genetic testing results
For extra things to happen so treatment can start
eye exam, bone scan, MRI, CAT scan, EKG, port placement
For the right time to tell people in my life about CANCER

Treatment Days
Waiting for a chemo start date
Waiting for a parking spot in the parking deck, every damn time
Waiting in line to check in for treatment
Waiting to get called back for labs
(Pro tip- faster if I had them draw blood in arm rather than from port)
Waiting to go back for chemo
Waiting for the chemo drugs to be sent up from pharmacy
Waiting for each drug to drip
Waiting for hair to fall out
Waiting for scans to show how tumors are responding
Waiting for the last chemo treatment
Waiting for heartburn to go away
Waiting for a surgery date
Waiting for drains to come out
Waiting for pathology report
Waiting for the next steps
Waiting for radiation to start
Waiting for radiation to end
Waiting for hysterectomy
Waiting for menopause symptoms to begin

From Waiting to Wondering

How should I let my hair grow back?
How much will these scars fade?
Will my chest look better with time?
Is this nerve issue related to cancer?
Should I be getting more information on diet and exercise?
Am I doing everything I should be doing?
Will my drug side effects be as bad as people say?
How do I know they got all the cancer?
Will I spend the rest of my life wondering if I’m really free from cancer?
Will my sister get cancer?

About the Author:

Kelly Klehm is a breast cancer survivor who uses writing as a tool to share her experiences. She will be joining us monthly to share her journey with us. You can find more of her writing on Forge’s blog.